Upholster Cleaning

We Offer Professional Upholster Cleaning for Tenants, Owners and Estate Agents in all London areas. Steam Cleaning of Sofas, Armchairs or any other canvas furniture including bed, mattress and headboard steam cleaning.

Upholster Cleaning

Professional Steam and Extraction Cleaning of Sofas, Beds and other textile furniture.

We offer professional cleaning of all textile furnitures in your home or business in London. We have developed and use two methods in the cleaning to achive best results in regards to the cleaning Hot Water Extraction Method and Steam Cleaning. Both options will be able to provide you with satisfactory result, but the nature of the fabric to be cleaned will be decisive in choosing the best one for you. Cleaning your upholster on regular basis will help keep it in good condition and extend the life of the fabric.

Hot Water Extraction

For best result and when the type of furniture allows it we would recommend our Hot Water Extraction Method, where our upholster cleaning machine produces a jet of detergent and water solution to remove any dirt deposits from the fabric, which then is vacuumed back in the machine. The furniture is cleaned using a small hand tool so we can provide a thorough and detailed cleaning result.

Steam Cleaning

Our steam machine produces hot steam which is used to clean the fabric of your upholster. This provide a deep cleaning result that refreshes and cleansthe the fabric of your furniture, but is not that efective when dealing with stains. When steam cleaning is done all dust and durt particleas are removed by the hot jet of steam, which leaves the textile looking fresh and clean.