Special Offers

Our special offers for Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Gardening, Rubbish Removal, Tenancy Cleaning, Upholster Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Mother Help on preferential prices.

Special Discounted Rates for Carpet Cleaning

As the weather gets warmer with every past week, we prefer to spend more time outside. Wouldn't you like to come home to a freshly cleanined carpeted floors? With our special offer you can get this done on a bargain of price.

We as a professional carpet cleaning company recommend that if you want to avoid permanent stains or damage to your floors, you should have your carpets cleaned at least twice a year. Even if you do not have any big stains, the water extraction method we use will prolong the life and quality of your carpets.

Our trained carpet cleaners use top of the line carpet cleaning products which not only clean but also revitalise the fabrics of the carpet. Our machines are equipped with a hand tools, which allow us to pay deeper attention to any stains or to reach those hard to reach corners.

Booking our service will not take more than several minutes, and we are able to arrange a visit within 24 hours. Discount will apply only when you quote Summer Carpet Offerat the time of your booking.

    The Discount is applied when booking cleaning of all carpets in your flat:
  • One Bedroom Flat - £ 50.00

  • Two Bedrooms Flat - £ 80.00

  • Three Bedrooms Property - £ 110.00

  • Four Bedrooms Property - £ 130.00

  • Additional services such as rug or upholstery cleaning are charged extra.
    This offer is valid until the 28th of May 2019.