Rubbish Removal Service

We offer rubbish removal in London, Domestic Rubbish Removal Service and Appliance Recycling Service.

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Clearances, Waste Removal and General Office and House Clearance.

We are the best and fastest rubbish removal company in London. We will offer you a fast services for rubbish clearances, waste removal and general office and house clearance. We will clear all junk including fridges, TV's, old beds and mattresses and even garden waste.

You don't need to move your junk to outside the property our friendly and efficient staff will remove the rubbish from your home or office and even clean and sweep after themselves. We have no hidden costs and our prices are know upfront and are found to be the most competitive on the market

We collect and remove almost all rubbish and junk except a few hazardous categories of waste which require special removal such as paint, asbestos, medicinal waste etc. as well as builders waste and soil.

How to book

Using our rubbish collection and recycling service is fast and easy.

There are 4 easy steps for your rubbish to be removed and recycled:

  1. Call us on 0207 328 4566 or fill our booking form online
  2. We will give you estimate over the phone and arrange collection time
  3. We come, confirm the price and collect your rubbish
  4. We recycle your rubbish as much as we can


Prices are based on how much our van is filled. Should you be confused we will always advise you over the phone how much your rubbish will cost to be removed and recycled.

Van Load Price
Minimum Charge £80.00
Quater Van Load £120.00
Half Van Load £200.00
Full Van Load £320.00

Recycling Fees

We strive to provide you with a clear and affordable pricing, but due to coucil regulation we are obliged to apply a resycling surcharge for certain items.

Item Surcharge
Fridges (Small / Large) £35.00 / £65.00
Air Conditioning Unit £35.00
TVs / Monitors £10.00
Mattress £35.00

More Details

If you have a specific requirement or you need additional information we will be happy to assist over the phone or email.