One Off Cleaning

Deep One Off service can be used to get your property to a good condition or alternatively a lighter option can be offered if you just need finishing touches.
We Cover All London Postcodes.

One Off / Spring Cleaning

Deep Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Top Up Cleaning, Refreshing your property.

We offer as well specialised spring cleaning of your property or just a one-off cleaning. The price is slightly higher than the regular contract cleaning however, you will still get an outstanding service and you will be satisfied with the freshness of your property. Do bear in mind that a spring cleaning will require slightly longer hours to get the sparkle of the property back in.

The quote for the spring cleaning usually depends on the size of the property and more importantly on the level of cleaning if we have to take books or CDs/DVDs out of shelves dust them and put them back or if we have to take all the cutlery out wash it and put it back in will obviously require longer time.

We know what to do when it comes to cleaning and we will perform an outstanding cleaning service in your property. We are able to supply materials and equipment to get the cleaning done.

Contact us to enquire about our free assessment or just to discuss your needs.