Office Cleaning

Our Office Cleaning service is ideal for keeping your workspace and facilities like kitchen and facilities nice and clean.

Office Cleaning

Regular Office Cleaning

E&D Cleaning Services offer regular office cleaning on contract basis 24/7 at your convenient time. We are holding keys for 90% of our clients. With us you can feel safe with the cleaning team in your office. Our cleaners not only have they been vetted and checked but have been working for our company for years. Each day or week your office will be cleaned up to high standard and you will come to work a fresh office.

We have easy booking facility with a dedicated site manager who carries regular site supervisions through the length of the cleaning contract. Each particular office has its own cleaning requirements and these are established by us at the beginning of the contract and easily followed by the cleaner.

You can have a cleaner on a weekly or fortnightly basis with a minimum of 3 hours per visit. Our contracts are with minimum engagement of 3 months and you are guaranteed the same cleaner each week. Usually the regular cleaning is done with your materials but should you wish we can supply the cleaning materials as well however, the price will be slightly higher.

No matter what size your office is we will be able to handle from small office to a large office building. Contact us now to give you a quote or to visit your office for a free cleaning consultation.

One-off Office Cleaning

If you require an one off cleaning be it on an empty office before moving in or moving out or if you require a deep office cleaning we are able to provide a specialised cleaning team with the required materials and equipment to carry out your office cleaning in London.

The quote for the spring cleaning usually depends on the size of the property and more importantly on the level of cleaning if we have to take books or CDs/DVDs out of shelves dust them and put them back or if we have to take all the cutlery out wash it and put it back in will obviously require longer time.
We know what to do when it comes to cleaning and we will perform an outstanding cleaning service in your property. We are able to supply materials and equipment to get the cleaning done.

Facilities Management

E&D Cleaning Services provides facility management to several larger buildings in the business part of London - Moorgate. Our dedicate facility management provides a discrete and flawless services and our clients have been very satisfied with our running of operations.

We handle and organise form the security aspect of the office building to the supply, installation and maintenance of various products.
Taking over a facilities management project is done with us with the least worries form your side as we have supervisors that will access the requirements and implement with the facility management team the criteria and working details to the stuff.

Contact us to enquire about our free assessment or just to discuss your company needs.

Office Cleaning Benefits

Having a professional take care of your office premises will benefit your office environment and help the cleanliness of the premises.

  • Clean and hygenic work place and facilities
  • Affordable service for small or large offices
  • Professional service on daily or weekly basis
  • Reliable, secured and trained cleaning staff
  • Administrative support from our office
  • Monthly account billing and invoicing
  • Affiliate Commissions