Lawnmowing and Gardening

We can take care of your garden at affordable cost, we can cut your grass, trim your hedges or tidy up your back or front garden.

Lawn mowing and Gardening

Professional lawn mowing service in London.

We provide an outstanding service, that is easy to book and carried out punctually. We have professional equipment to do the job right from small lawnmowers to large mowing equipment.

We are able to provide the lowest prices and we have a substantial base of satisfied clients. We are flexible and you can book one off visit when you need us, as well us we can visit you regularly once a month for that perfect lawn. There will be no obligations and you can stop our services at any time. Before each scheduled visit we will call you to confirm and remind you for the visit and exact time.

In terms of equipment we use both petrol and electrical lawnmowers and if you have requirements you can specify which one you want us to bring. Our team is trained on a variety of lawn mowers and we are able to use your lawnmower to get the job done.

How to book

We would like to provide you with a fast and easy experience when booking us.

There are 4 easy steps for having your lawn mowed:

  1. Call us on 0207 328 4566 or fill our booking form online
  2. We will give you estimate over the phone and arrange date and time for the visit
  3. We come, confirm the price and cut your grass
  4. We tidy up after us and recycle your waste

Lawnmowing Pricelist

Prices are based on how big is your garden. Should you be confused we will always advise you over the phone how much the service will cost to be carried out.

Garden Size Price
Minimum Charge £50.00
Small £70.00
Medium £90.00
Large £110.00

Important Notes

  • We will take up to 3 bags with garden waste / grass cuttings for free.
  • Every extra bag of waste will be disposed for an additional charge of £3.00 each or left at the property
  • Our gardeners are not trained Landscapers but will try to assist as much as they can.
  • "Small" Garden is the size of two car parking spaces, "Medium" is four to six spaces, and "Large" is eight to ten spaces.
  • Let us know in advance if you need Hedge Trimming, Tree Pruning or Planting.

More Details

If you have a specific requirement or you need additional information we will be happy to assist over the phone or email.