Curtains and Blinds Steam Cleaning

You can refresh and provide a better look of your home with our curtains and blinds steam cleaning service in London.

Curtains and Blinds

Cleaning and refreshing of curtains and blinds.

The curtains and blinds are one of the most important items that need cleaning. Even though they do not tend to get very dirty they need regular care to prevent permanent staining or damage.

Heavy curtains and blinds can be steam cleaned, which can prevent any dust or odour build up that can lead to more serious stains.

Our company has identified several types of cleaning depending on your requirements or the state of the fabric.

  • Dry Cleaning - Recomended for the best result. We will take off your curtains if possible from their fixtures and bring them to our specialised facilty that works with hevy dry cleaning equipment. The service usualy takes several days and includes our operatives returning the curtains to their fixtures.
  • Steam Cleaning - We will attend your property with specialised steam cleaning machine which we can use to clean the fabric from any dust, germ or microbes. This will leave your curtains and blinds clean and sanitized.
  • Refreshing - The service includes dusting and refreshing the fabric using fabric odour treatment product. This is the most affordable option where there are no stains and we just need to provide your curtains and blins with a fresh look and feel.

Contact us to enquire about our service or just to discuss your needs.